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Press Release

September 10, 2019

For Immediate Release


September 9, 2019

"Herkimer County received fantastic news today that we were selected to receive a $989,447 grant from the United States Department of Health and Human Services for our System of Care Expansion and Sustainability Project," announced Chairman Peplinski of the Herkimer County Legislature.

He added "This grant is a fantastic collaboration between our BOCES, our school systems, the United Way, SUNY Poly, the Center for Family Life and Recovery, ICAN, Herkimer County Catholic Charities, the Neighborhood Center, the PHIP, as well as our County agencies. A special note of thanks to our Director of Public Heath, Christina Cain, who spearheaded this grant."

Ms. Cain stated "There are three important pieces to the four year grant. Firstly, the funding will be used to hire additional Family School Navigators at the schools, which in a limited capacity have already shown marked success for improving our kids' outcomes in many capacities. Secondly, DESSA software will be purchased for Herkimer County schools, which will assist them with the early identification of children with, or at risk of developing, SED (Serious Emotional Disturbances) and then to track and manage their services to ensure those services are making a positive difference for the child. Lastly, this funding will be used to expand existing services with our local agencies to serve additional children as well as providing intensive services to our children who are currently receiving services."

Fred Shaw, Chairman of the Human Resources Committee added "This will be a great resource for the children and families in our community allowing the enhancement and expansion of an already existing System of Care. Being awarded this grant is a reinforcement of the successful collaborative process we have followed with fidelity over the last 20 years in Herkimer County."


For further information, contact James W. Wallace, Jr., County Administrator at (315) 867-1112.

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