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Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

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We provide transportation to Herkimer County senior citizens who are age 60 or older. If the senior citizen needs assistance due to mobility issues or dementia-related confusion, another adult, who may be younger than age 60, may accompany the senior in order to provide necessary assistance. We have wheelchair accessible vans. There is a suggested donation for each ride; these donations help us to cover the costs involved - gas, drivers, repairs, etc. since our state and federal funding does not come close to covering our costs.

All rides are made on a reservation basis. We suggest you call at least a week or more ahead to be added to the schedule; since the price of gasoline spiked, we have seen a tremendous increase in requests for rides. If you are looking for a ride to the doctor and know 2-3 weeks ahead when the appointment will be, call us then! We take seniors to wherever they want to go - medical appointment, shopping, hairdresser, visiting, etc. We pick people up at their door and drop them off where they want to go. When they are ready to go home, they call the Office and we notify the driver that they are ready to be picked up. Because of the demand for service, sometimes they may have to wait a little while for pick-up.

We schedule our first ride of the day at 8:15 AM and the last ride at 2:30 PM. A special run to Little Falls and Dolgeville is scheduled every Thursday & Friday.

To make a reservation, call 867-1121. The first time someone schedules a ride with us we will ask some basic information: date of birth, (statistics, statistics), emergency contact, etc. For every ride we schedule, we will ask where the person wants to go and if they will want a ride back home.

Sorry, but we do not transport to Utica or Cooperstown. We stay within Herkimer County. The demand for services is so high that we cannot accommodate travel to such distances.

We have a suggested donation for each ride that is based on the distance traveled - and is very reasonable. Please see the chart below for suggested donations.

Our service is curb to curb, so no, we can't really help someone out of the house and down the steps to the van. (Our drivers are retired themselves.) If someone needs a lot of help, they can bring someone with them for assistance.

Most rides we provide are in the Valley, however, we will go farther out to pick-up someone in a wheelchair for a medical appointment - but we still stay in the County. Because it will be very time consuming, such arrangements need to be made in advance so we can try to work it into the schedule. We will do our best to provide the ride, but may not be able to always do so.

Yes, you may be able to hire our van to transport your loved one (including weekends or evening) for such things as a wedding, party, or funeral. For these types of arrangements, yes, we may go out of the County. You will be charged for the driver and a per-mile rate. It is also dependent upon us having a driver available.

Suggested donations for transportation Round trip donations:

  • Within town $2.00
  • Herkimer to Mohawk $3.00
  • Herkimer to Ilion $4.00
  • Herkimer to Frankfort $5.00
  • Little Falls to Herkimer $6.00
  • Dolgeville to Little Falls $6.00
  • Dolgeville to Herkimer $8.00

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Transportation Brochure
Transportation Brochure Newport, Poland, Middleville, Ohio

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

In an effort to help income eligible individuals cope with higher fuel bills of winter, NYS participates in the Federal funded "Home Energy Assistance Program", commonly known as HEAP. When you are approved, HEAP will make a lump-sum payment directly to your energy supplier on your behalf. This payment is known as a grant and will appear as a credit on your fuel account. Payments may take up to 90 days to be credited to your account.


Grants are ordinarily limited to one per household, per heating season. The grant amount is based on your fuel type, household size, and household income during the four weeks prior to your application.


To be eligible for a HEAP grant, you must meet income guidelines and residence requirements and you must pay for heating energy directly to a fuel company or as part of your rent.

There are certain living situations, which do not qualify for HEAP. The following do NOT qualify:

  • Tenants of government subsidized housing where heat is included in the rent.
  • Individuals paying room and or room and board in a private residence.
  • Residents of care facilities, dormitories, and board in a private residence.
  • Those who do not have heating responsibilities.

Income Guidelines for the 2020-2021 HEAP Season

Household Size                                           Maximum Gross Monthly Income

           1                                                                        $ 2,610

           2                                                                        $ 3,413

           3                                                                        $ 4,216

Call the Office for the Aging if you need income limits for a household over 3.


The HEAP application asks for enough information to determine your eligibility and grant amount.You must give basic information such as your name, address, and telephone number. You must provide copies of photo ID or birth certificate, social security cards and income for everyone in your household.  All information is treated as highly confidential and in accordance with the New York State Personal Privacy Protection Law which took effect on September 1, 1984.


When applying for HEAP you will need to provide identification and proof of gross income for everyone who lives in your home. Depending on circumstances, you may use birth certificates, a marriage license, driver's license, rental receipts and copies of current pays stubs or pension statements. We cannot use bank statements for proof of monthly income.

  • · Social security/Disability/SSI
  • · Pension/Veteran's Benefit
  • · Dividends (from stocks, bonds)
  • · Alimony/Support (or court order)
  • · Payroll, Worker's Compensation, Unemployment Insurance Benefit
  • · Rentals (received from tenants/roomers/real property)
  • · Interest (up-dated on pass books, savings, checking, CD's, etc.)

Emergency HEAP:

Opens in January 2021. In certain low fuel or shut-off notice situations, emergency grants are available and are processed immediately to prevent a utility shut off or to guarantee a fuel delivery. For these situations, if you are age 60 or older, please call OFA at 315-867-1370. For those under the age of 60, please call DSS @ 315-867-1220.

Furnace Repair/Replacement for those 60 and over.

Additional aid may be allowed for the repair of basic heating equipment that is inoperable or unsafe. For more information call OFA @ 315-867-1370.

Clean and Tune for those 60 and over:

The cleaning of the primary heating equipment, but may also include minor repairs for proper efficient operation of heating equipment.

Cooling Assistance will open May 1, 2021:

For the purchase and installation of an air conditioner or fan to help keep the home cool.

Online Application at  Mybenefits:





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