Mon - Fri 8:00am to 4:30pm  

Mon - Fri 8:00am to 4:30pm  

Public Health

Mission Statement

The Herkimer County Public Health team is dedicated to the protection and promotion of our residents’ health through the provision of high quality, comprehensive, individualized services, in all phases of the life cycle.

Our objective shall include surpassing community standards. Our team of skilled, caring, compassionate individuals shall strive to meet the needs and expectations of the people in Herkimer County.

All available resources will be utilized to ensure the mission statement is carried out. Staff and patient/family education will be provided. Open and continuous quality improvement will be encouraged. Each team member's contribution toward quality improvement will be recognized.

Photo of Christina Cain
Director of Public Health

Contact: Christina Cain, RN, BSN, BS, MS, MA

301 North Washington Street
Herkimer, NY 13350

Phone: 315-867-1176

Hours of Operation:

Winter Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Summer Hours: Memorial Day through Labor Day 8:00 AM – 4:00PM

Public Health Current Events and News Updates

Herkimer County Public Health welcomes you to our virtual home. You will find updates for all Herkimer County Public Health Programs in this easy to find location below. Please check back often to view the most recent Public Health news releases, events, and other public health updates.

Herkimer County Newborn Welcome Packet

Program Contact: Monica Balderston

Herkimer County welcomes your newborn to our community! You will receive a welcome letter highlighting some of our county’s resources and other available aids to start your newborn’s life on a happy and healthy note. Below are the links to all brochures and resources that have been traditionally sent via mail. By exploring these links, you will have a larger array of information at the palm of your hand, to include the CDC’s free Milestone Tracker app. Contact our office for assistance with any additional questions or needs.

Programs for Children and Families / The Early Intervention Program

Program Contact: Allison Johnson
Senior Family Service Specialist

The Early Intervention Program is a family-centered, statewide program that identifies, locates, refers and evaluates at risk infants and toddlers (0-3 years old). The program serves children who are at risk for delay, diagnosed with developmental delay or have a diagnosed mental or physical condition with a high probability of delay. Intervention services are decided by eligibility criteria. Referrals to this program are generated through many different routes. To seek a referral through your child’s pediatrician, utilize the NYS DOH Early Intervention Program Referral document.

Child Find of Early Intervention

Program Contact: Lori Anderson, RN, CCE

Child Find is a program that seeks to help parents of children 0-3 years old, with potential risk for developmental delays, track the development of their children. The program provides education and information on normal growth and development, and establishes referrals to the Early Intervention Program as needed.

Pre-School Special Education

Program Contact: Nicole Keyser
Supervising Children Services Specialist

Herkimer County is fiscally responsible for the administration of preschool programs for 3-5 year old students who are residents with disabilities. Every school district administers these services through their respective Special Education Department. Anyone can make a referral to a school district’s Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE). The municipality is responsible for transportation arrangements and maintaining a list of related service providers.

Healthy Families

Program Contact: Kelley Langworthy

A voluntary program designed to empower families. Healthy Families is located at ICAN Herkimer, 100 S. Main St. Herkimer, NY and can be reached at 315-801-7360. The Healthy Families program offers all pregnant mothers or new parents an array of support activities, ranging from resource referral to home visiting. All pregnant women are welcome to complete a community survey to determine the activities most helpful to them. Enrollment in Healthy Families must be completed before the baby is 3-months old.

Dental Health

Dental health education services are provided to some Herkimer County children at Pre-K, kindergarten and third grade classes.

Lead Poisoning Prevention

Program Contact: Lori Anderson, RN, CCE

The Lead Poisoning Prevention program aims to enhance the safety of community residents who are at greatest risk. Most children have had some contact with lead in old paint, soil, plumbing, or another source. New York State requires family physicians to test each child with a blood lead test at 1 year of age, and again at 2 years. At elevated levels, lead can harm a child’s growth, behavior, and ability to learn. The blood lead test is utilized to screen for elevated levels of lead in your child’s blood. The lower the test result, the better.

The Lead Poisoning Prevention program can facilitate referrals for lead screening as well as provide Community & Provider education on the dangers of lead. Home visits are available for children with a lead level of 5 or greater, for family education on reducing risk.

Adult and Child Immunizations

Program Contact: Amanda Jones, RN, SCHN

Herkimer County Public Health’s Immunization Program supports county residents with access to affordable or no cost vaccinations. We strive to promote health safety and vaccine confidence to all residents through education and vaccination efforts.

Services include:
• Routine Adult and Child Immunizations
• Tuberculin Skin Testing (Mantoux)
• COVID-19 Vaccinations Available for All Ages

Immunization Clinics are held weekly, welcoming all adults and children. Clinics are located at the Prevention Unit at 301 North Washington St. in Herkimer on Tuesdays from 9–11 am & 1–3 pm, and are open to any member of the community. Evening clinics are held intermittently throughout the year.


Program Contact: Erik McKenney, RN, BSN, SCHN

Herkimer County Public Health is responsible for rabies prevention and treatment to County residents. Pet rabies vaccination clinics are held throughout the year for domestic dogs, cats and ferrets. Rabies vaccinations are given to pets for a nominal donation. Clinic dates are advertised in local newspapers, posted in town halls and on our website. Rabies information, specimen handling and pre/post exposure treatment for humans is also available.

Rabies pre-exposure treatment is offered for at risk individuals. All animal bites must be reported to Herkimer County Public Health. Expenses for post-exposure treatment are paid if prior authorization is obtained from Herkimer County Public Health.

All animal bites must be reported to our office. Download Animal Bite Report Form. Please call 315-867-1176 for all bites reported. A nurse will be available to take calls for the rabies department 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Rabid Raccoon Found: Herkimer County Public Health received lab results on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, that a raccoon killed on Monday, September 18, 2023 in the Town of Manheim has tested positive for rabies. Rabies information available here.

Communicable Disease

Program Contact: Lonna Hart, RN, SCHN

The investigation of reported communicable diseases and prevention of outbreaks are among the highest priorities of Herkimer County Public Health. Staff work closely with New York State Department of Health and infectious disease providers to investigate potential and actual outbreaks, inform local providers, and educate the public. Persons reported as having a communicable disease will receive information, education and contact investigation as required by NYSDOH. Information obtained through these investigations helps protect the health of the ill individual, and the entire community. To report a communicable disease, please call 315-867-1176.

HIV and STD testing can be facilitated by calling 315-867-1176.

Disaster and Emergency Preparedness

Program Contact: Diane Ward, RN
Director of Health Services

The objectives of Public Health Preparedness are to plan, prepare and respond to biological, chemical and radiological terrorism as well as any other threat to the public’s health, natural or man-made. Public Health works with local, state and federal partners to anticipate, manage and mitigate such threats.

Doula Program

Program Contact: Tina Wasielewski, RN, BSN, CCE

The Doula Partnership of Herkimer, Cayuga, Cortland, and Madison counties has been established to promote and provide doula services to pregnant residents who may have challenges accessing prenatal, birth, and postnatal support.

Herkimer County Public Health Partnering Agencies

New York State Department of Health—Environmental Unit: 315-866-6879
•Contact information for food permits, restaurant inspections, water quality concerns.

ICAN—Integrated Community Alternatives Network, Herkimer Location: 315-801-7360

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