Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

Program Overview:

The Child Care Assistance program is an income-based reimbursement program for low-income families who earn 85% or less of the State median income level.

The goal of the Child Care Assistance Program is to help Temporary Assistance Families (TA) and low-income families pay for child care in order to help them become self-sufficient. CCAP allows parents/caretakers to work, get training, or go to school.

Eligibility Criteria:

The family’s eligibility for child care assistance is based on the need for care, household size and household gross income. The household must be programmatically eligible and financially eligible and must also use an eligible provider.

Income eligibility: Family must earn less than 85% of the State median level for their household size.

Family Size Annual Income Limit
1 $51,610.13
2 $67,490.17
3 $83,370.21
4 $99,250.25
5 $115,130.29
6 $131,010.33

Eligible Provider:

  • Validly licensed Day Care Centers or properly registered School-Age Child Care program.
  • A registered Family Day Care
  • A licensed Group Family Day Care
  • A legally exempt provider of Family Child Care or In-Home Child Care enrolled with a legally exempt enrollment agency
  • A legally exempt provider of group child care enrolled with a legally-exempt EA

How to Apply:

  • Print the application located in document section at the bottom of this page.
  • Call (315) 867-1233 and request an application be mailed to you.
  • Pick up an application in the lobby of Herkimer County Office Building located 301 N. Washington St., Herkimer, NY

Return the completed application by:

  • Mailing to Herkimer County Department of Social Service, 301 N. Washington St. Suite 2110, Herkimer, NY 13350
  • Drop completed application in the drop box located in the lobby of Herkimer County Office Building located at 301 N. Washington St., Herkimer, NY
  • Fax completed application to (315) 867-1528
  • Email the completed application to

Parent Fees:

As part of NYS regulations all non-temporary assistance families receiving low income child care assistance must pay a portion of the child care expense to their chosen child care provider. This payment is called the Parent Fee or Family Share. The actual amount will vary according to the family’s income and household size but will be a minimum of $1.00 per week.

Child Care Assistance FAQs

Q. What are the age guidelines for the Child Care Assistance Program?
A. Infants to under 13 years of age. A child with special needs of any age may be eligible for Day Care Assistance. Documentation from a medical or mental health professional must be provided.

Q. Must a Child Care provider be registered in order to qualify for Child Care Assistance?
A. No. An informal child care provider such as a relative, friend of the family, or a trusted neighbor must receive department approval. Registered providers are paid at a higher rate, but unregistered providers also qualify.

Q. How are providers reimbursed?
A. Providers submit documentation to the Child Care Assistance Unit on a monthly basis. The documentation consists of a time sheet indicating the child’s name, age and days of care. Upon receipt of this documentation, the Day Care Unit processes payment.

Q. Does part-time work qualify?
A. An applicant/client must work an average or minimum of 10 hours per week.

Q. Do other custodial relatives qualify for Child Care Assistance?
A. Yes. Only the child’s income is considered. Documentation of custody must be provided.

Q. Does an individual need a child support order to receive Child Care Assistance?
A. As of May 15, 2004, the individual must actively pursue child support/child care monies in order to qualify.

Q. How does someone become a registered day care provider?
A. Contact Mid-York Child Care Coordinating Council at 1-888-814-5437

Q. Are foster care parents eligible for Child Care Assistance?
A. Yes. Foster children are eligible while the foster parent(s) works and/or if care is needed to protect a child’s placement. Household income is not considered.


Child Care Assistance

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